Silhouette Cutting by The Roving Artist

IF YOU have attended an event recently – perhaps a friend’s wedding or your company Christmas party – you may have been fortunate enough to meet a roving artist. If so, you probably came away with a small cut-paper portrait and thought it all a lot of fun.

Silhouette artists Michael Herbert and Charles Burns have been working together as “The Roving Artist” for over ten years, brought together by a shared interest in the little-known art of silhouette cutting. They have taken what is often perceived to be a lost art and re-invented it for the 21st century, combining traditional skill with modern and stylish presentation. Today they work at a wide range of events all over the country; it is not unusual for Michael to find himself at a wedding in Italy while Charles is working at a product launch in Birmingham. They also run workshops and give talks, while Charles has written a book on the subject: Mastering Silhouettes, published in 2012.

Outdoor silhouettes cut by the Roving Artist


FOR NEARLY QUARTER OF A CENTURY Charles Burns – aka The Roving Artist – has been cutting silhouettes at corporate events, weddings, conferences, dinners and charity dooz.

With his experience and expertise the likenesses are extraordinary. Working with just a pair of scissors, and a pocketful of paper, he will capture your portrait in just a minute or two.

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Silhouette Secrets

Silhouette Secrets Postcard

Silhouette Secrets is a one-hour documentary about the art and history of silhouette cutting. The film is a journey back in time from the present day to the early nineteenth century. There he meets Moses Williams – an enslaved silhouettist from Philadelphia. On route he meets a World War I silhouette war artist and the Victorian artist August Edouart, the Frenchman who introduced the French word “silhouette” into the English language.

Charles also makes a parallel present-day journey to Houston, Texas, where he meets the world’s fastest silhouette artist and challenges her to a “duel of scissors”. This adds moments of jeopardy and pure entertainment to the film.

Among other celebrities the film features a cameo appearance by Paul Daniels.

The film came out at the end of 2015 and is currently doing well in film festivals around the word. It is hoped to announce a TV screening in the not-too-distant future. Latest information, and some clips from the film, can be found on the Silhouette Secrets Facebook Page.

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