A wedding proposal

I was cutting caricatures at a student ball a couple of weeks ago when I received a strange request. A student was planning to make a wedding proposal to his girlfriend, and was looking for an original way to do it. Seeing me in action, he asked me to cut a silhouette of them both while he did so. Above is the result.

She did say ‘Yes’! I hope they book me for the wedding 🙂


Lady with white earrings

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3 comments on “A wedding proposal

  1. Katherine Main says:

    What a fantastic idea – a cut out of your wedding proposal – what a great memento – and if you put the date on it, that would mean your husband would never forget it…! Then it would be nice to follow it with a silhouette at the actual wedding and then of any pregnant pictures, and children after that… a family of silhouettes – what could you call that… a familhouette!

  2. marina says:

    what a nice idea, in this age of instant selfies and photos… I would definitely ask you to cut any moment for our family!

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