White laid-paper silhouettes

Paper and Card

SILHOUETTE BACKING CARDS can be branded with a corporate logo and any kind of message you like. This is important when booking a silhouette artist for a trade show or other networking event. Such cards can be simple (just a logo on the front the card) or complex, including detailed information about your company, inside left.

Branded backing cards are also useful for private events, especially weddings and birthday parties. They help people remember – years later, when they find the silhouette in a drawer – where and when it was cut. We can include your name(s), the date and venue of the event. We can also add a silhouette of the venue, or profiles of the bride and groom, to the front of the cards.

Branded silhouettes

Branded silhouette mounts

Branded cards for various events, both corporate and private. These versatile cards can be designed to fit a theme, or simply to advertise your company’s presence at an event. The centre card features a silhouette of the venue!


You need to provide a copy of your logo a month or so before the event. Also any wording or other information you would like included. We will make a layout and send a proof before printing.

Standard Roving Artist silhouette mounts

Charles’ standard cards, bearing The Roving Artist logo. Note the various sizes for different kinds of silhouette. Even when using branded cards, Charles likes to keep a few “odd sizes” to hand for unusual requests in silhouette.

There is an extra charge for branded cards. If you would rather design and supply your own cards  we are happy for you to do this. 

If no branded cards are ordered we use our standard cards. These feature The Roving Artist logo on the front and a short history of silhouettes on the back. Use of these cards is included in our fee.

It is also possible to work with plain white cards – without any contact details or logo – if the nature of the event calls for this.

Samples of all these cards can be supplied by post if required. Please ask.

Thank-you cards

Silhouette thank-you cards are made after event, using cuttings made on the day. They are most popular for weddings, although can work for any private event. If sent to print the day afterwards they will be with you a week or so later, in good time to send thank-you notes to your guests. 

Thank-you cards

Various thank-you cards, printed after the event using silhouettes cut at the event. These can be made quickly and arrive complete with envelopes for posting.

The front of these cards features key silhouettes from the event, for instance the bride and groom. The inside is left blank for you to write our own message. They arrive complete with matching envelopes.


HENRY FORD’S famous quote about customers having cars “… any colour that they want so long as it is black” rings true for silhouettes. He should have been a silhouettist!

However, it is possible to cut branded silhouettes from coloured paper. Think about chocolate-coloured  silhouettes at a chocolate-themed party, or picking out the exact shade of blue from your corporate logo.

All our cards are printed on 250gsm laid, white card by Conservatree. Laid paper is similar in texture to the silhouettes at the top of this page.  This traditional card gives a luxuriant feel to the silhouettes,

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