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I am sending you a silhouette slide show from Japan, full of my favourite silhouettes from the last year or so. I’m currently away on a short break in Osaka (my son is spending a year at university here) but would like to let you know about a couple of showcase events I’ll be taking part in on my return to the UK. 

On March 17th I will be attending the wedding fayre at Caswell House in Oxfordshire, one of my favourite undiscovered wedding venues. The following week I will showing my work at Confex, at the Excel Centre in London.  I have attached an invitation for Confex, where I’ll be sharing a stand with my magician colleague Jon Allen. It would be great to see you at either event if you felt like popping in, there’ll be free silhouettes on offer to all who visit our stand.

Why a silhouette slide show?

In both Japan and the UK I often meet people who are surprised by the variety of portrait silhouettes which can be cut.  Even those who are familiar with the art – a great many are not – tend to assume that all silhouettes are of the simple head-and-shoulder ‘cameo’ style; they are quite surprised when I suddenly produce a full-length, double, or caricature-style portrait.  To help in changing this perception I have created a silhouette slide show, featuring cuttings made at events over the last year or so. I have made it available as a Vimeo video:

The video lasts just over 6 minutes. This may be a bit too long, but I hope you enjoy it!  I’m very new to the art of making videos, so would be grateful for any feedback you may have. The plan is to add it (or possibly a shorter version) to the front page on my website.


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