Skype silhouettes and a new website

I’m not sure how it all went for you, but for me the Olympics seems to have been a quiet time. I’ve been cutting silhouettes on Skype and at a series of August weddings. I was booked for just one post-Olympic drinks reception, by Coca-Cola.

The Olympic machine seems otherwise not to have noticed the possibilities of silhouette cutting!  On the bright side, it gave me the opportunity to watch a little of the action myself (my work usually keeps me well away from the TV) and also to embark on the long-planned but never-quite-time-to-actually-do rewrite of my website.

New website

After more hours work than can possibly be healthy that rewrite is now done. If you have a moment do take a look in the usual place: [PS in 2016: this is now the old website… ]

I’ve liberally sprinkled it with references to my new book ‘Mastering Silhouettes’ as well as adding a lot of new silhouettes and photographs to reflect the style of silhouette I’m making these days. I would appreciate any comments and feedback you may have. I’m keeping fingers X-ed that you won’t find too many typos…

Roving Artist 2012 website

The new Roving Artist website, 2012

The photograph at the top is one of the illustrations in the book which shows what Michael calls my “full stop”. This is the moment – after a period of furious cutting – when I hold up a finished silhouette for all to see.  I’ve always liked this photo, so have added it to the front page of the website.

Skype Silhouettes

You will also find on the website references to ‘Skype silhouettes’.

Over the years there has always been a steady trickle of clients who send me photographs to work from.  While this generally works OK, as testified by the kind of feedback I receive, I’ve always felt a bit insecure about working from photographs. Like many portrait artists I prefer working from life, as I find it easier to see what people really look like. It’s the only way to really judge if I’m creating a good likeness. Recently I discovered that a sitting over Skype – while not exactly live – does give me a much better sense of ‘person’ than working from a photograph. I can be much more confident in my cutting.

From the client’s point of view, they get to see my “full stop”. This can lead to some very instant feedback!  At the end of the session, when everybody is happy, I simply pop the silhouettes in an envelope and send them by post.

If you know anybody who may have seen me in action at an event, and perhaps left wishing their family could have been there to get a silhouette, then this might be something that would interest them. A Skype session is far cheaper than booking me for an event or home visit!


Flapper girl silhouette

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2 comments on “Skype silhouettes and a new website

  1. Since 2016 this new website is now of course the old website….

  2. marina says:

    I met you through a Skype silhouette session. You did both my kids in Spain, I was so impressed that you were able to do it so well.
    An interesting note, was that you made them look older than they were and now that 3 years have passed: they REALLY do look like what you did. AMAZING!

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