A royal profile or two

On the 19th May I was invited to cut a royal profile or two at Coworth Park. It was one of the only events I’ve worked at where the toastmaster had to announce lunch by calling for “Your Majesties, Royal Highnesses, Highnesses, Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen… ” to take their seats. 

This was not my first royal event, in fact I have twice cut a silhouette of the Queen. The first time was at the Golden Jubilee party in 2002. The second at her 80th birthday party, held at the Ritz in London in 2006. At both these events no photography was allowed, apart from a single royal photographer. I was therefore surprised when Hello! Magazine suddenly published a series of photographs of the latter event, in their June 2012, Diamond-jubilee edition, showing me cutting a royal profile. They had apparently been released to the press as a Thank-you for the work I did at Coworth Park. It had never occurred to me these photographs would see the light of day, still less that they might do so six years after the event!

The Queen’s silhouette

Here are the photographs which appeared in the Jubillee edition of Hello! Magazine (issue no 1229). They show the Queen having her silhouette cut during her 80th birthday party at the Ritz, London. I’ve added my copy of the Queen’s silhouette, together with one of the Duke of Edinburgh cut at the same event. From right to left:

  1. Her Majesty removes her glasses as she does not wish them to appear in the silhouette.
  2. Posing for a silhouette and clearly enjoying the experience.
  3. Holding the finished silhouette – now mounted on a card – and showing it to other guests around the room.
Hello Magazine article 18/6/2012

Hello Magazine article published on 18th June 2012

I’m told the silhouette was a great success. Lady Elizabeth Anson, who organised the event, writes:

“The man is a silhouettist called Charles Burns, who cut out the images with a pair of scissors. I love the way the Queen takes off her glasses, then happily shows everyone the silhouette at the end of it.”

This is also my recollection of the event. People kept coming up to me afterwards and saying:

“The Queen really likes her silhouette!”

Where do I go from here?

This might just be the most high-profile event I’ve ever attended. So here’s the question, where do you think I go from here?


A royal profile or two

HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh

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6 comments on “A royal profile or two

  1. Michele says:

    Wonderful Charles , well done!

  2. Grace Jones says:

    I LOVE this story, is brilliant that my good friend Charlie has cut the silhouettes of our lovely Queen twice now, along with many other famous people. My dad loved him at our wedding because of the amazing blue jacket he wore, which meant my dad could see him, he is as friendly as he is here. I will have to find and post the silhouettes I have. Charlie has just made a documentary film which has won awards and I’m hoping he’ll win many more, and off course Cornwall has lots of art festivals, lets hope they show the film here and we’ll get chance to meet up. Congrats Charlie on all your achievements, I’m really pleased for you. xxx

  3. Niki Clarke says:

    I answer to where do i go from here………….

    The queen’s children & grandchildren would be a delightful record!

    To Ascot on race day of course, not only people but profiles of horses too !!!!!!

    • Thanks Niki. I have been booked at Ascot, but never to cut horses. A famous nineteenth-century silhouettist called August Edouart did a lot of these. He claimed that horse profiles were each just as individual as human profiles. I wonder if that’s really true?

  4. Grace Ann morriso says:

    Grace here. First I will contact you about a CB silhouette. I call what I do “the Sledgehammer”. The secrets of the trade are as guarded as the plans for a missile guidance system. Your kind offer of help was the first I have had for anything in a long time. I cannot tell you how touched and grateful I was when I received it Thursday. But as of today I may not need it, please email me when you get my second letter. GM

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