Bespoke silhouette backing cards

Branding the silhouette mounting cards

MY SILHOUETTE CARDS can be branded with a corporate logo and a short message. This is a great way to make the silhouettes into a memento of your event. Choose from three kinds of card: standard, branded or bespoke.

Three cards to choose from

1. Standard cards

Use of my standard backing cards is free of charge whenever you book me for an event. They feature my Roving Artist logo on the front and a short history of silhouettes on the back. I carry a range of sizes to suit the different kinds of silhouettes.

Standard silhouette backing cards
Standard silhouette backing cards. Each artist has their own set, often in a range of different sizes.

I always have some of the odd-sized cards on me, even when branded or bespoke cards are ordered, to accommodate any odd silhouette challenges which may not fit in the card!

2. Branded cards

Branded backing cards are the most popular option for both corporate and private events. The are almost essential for client-entertainment events, conferences and weddings. A standard design template keeps them simple and inexpensive to make.

Branded silhouette backing cards
Branded silhouette backing cards: your logo on the front of a standard-size card.

These cards are really easy to order. You’ll just need to supply a copy of your logo (or other artwork) and agree a short caption to go inside. You’ll receive a proof before printing so you can check for any errors or omissions.

3. Bespoke cards

Bespoke silhouette backing cards are intended for conference or themed events where the silhouettes need to closely match your event branding or theme.

Bespoke silhouette backing cards
Bespoke silhouette backing cards: if required we can completely redesign our cards to suit your event.

These cards take more time (and so cost a little more) but are really flexible. Anything is possible! Design is a collaborative process, so you’ll receive a number of proofs before printing until we’re both happy with the design.

Backing Card Notes

1. White Labelling

Any of the above cards can be white labelled (ie: printed without our contact and/or social media details) when appropriate. Please ask.

Note that all backing cards carry the artist’s name, signature and the © sign, since these identify the artwork as being a silhouette by that artist (I don’t cut anonymous silhouettes!)

2. Printing your own

Some clients prefer to print their own backing cards. If you have in-house printing facilities, or are using an event stationer, this may be an easier option for you.

We’re very happy for you to do this, but please send a proof for approval before printing. We need to check both the size of the cards and the design of the border for presenting the silhouettes. This is to make sure I can actually carry and use the cards on the day!

Note that if inadequate cards are supplied on the day I reserve the right to use my own standard cards instead.

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