A Windemere Wedding

Cutting half silhouettes

A couple of weeks ago I was cutting silhouettes at a wedding in Windermere.  It was cold, wet and windy, as you would expect from the Lake District in late summer. The hotel in use for the reception had a couple of interesting early-Victorian full-length silhouettes on the wall.  One of the teenage guests asked me about them as I did her own silhouette, so I told her they were first cut from paper and then embellished with gold paint, and to judge by the look of them they probably dated from about the 1840’s.  Without a moment’s hesitation she replied:

“Oh, did you do them then?”

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Flying at the Garrick Club

Silhouette flag at the Garrick Club

I was very surprised on arriving at a recent 60th birthday party at The Garrick Club to see a silhouette flag flying outside, with one of my own silhouettes on it. I felt I’d arrived! The Garrick Club, with it’s interesting collection of portraits, is a great place for an artist to work at any time. On that day my artwork was the most prominent.

The silhouette flag silhouette

The silhouette had been cut by me, nearly 10 years earlier at a corporate event. It was the reason I’d been booked of course. The same silhouette also featured on all the guest invitations, the place cards, the menu, etc. Do you think perhaps I ought to have asked extra for copyright?


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