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Updates on the Making of the TV documentary “Silhouettes Secrets,” how it fared at various film festivals, and the accompanying series of short films “Silhouette Snippets”. These also appear on the film carousel.

Dai Vernon and the Paul Daniels cameo

MY FILM Silhouette Secrets includes a cameo appearance by Paul Daniels.  This interview – our Paul Daniels cameo – was a late addition. We were looking for a magician to talk about Dai Vernon, the celebrated father of close-up magic, who earned a living as a street silhouettist during the Great American Depression.

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Silhouette Secrets Postcard

The Final Cut

THE FILM IS OUT! I seem to have spent most of my time this summer cooped up in the editing room with Andi, making the final cut of Silhouette Secrets. Silhouette Secrets is a one-hour documentary film in which a modern-day silhouette artist (me) takes a journey back in time to explore the history of his shadowy art. He

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Ural view of the Oxford Shark

The Oxford Shark

DURING FILMING of Silhouette Secrets in February 2014 we were unexpectedly let down by an interviewee in London. We found ourselves, camera crew in tow, with nothing to film on a beautiful winter morning. On a whim we got the Russian motorcycle out of the shed and headed out into Oxford to cut a silhouette of a shark.

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2 Silhouette Secrets Premiere tickets,

Free Silhouettes and other silly ideas

FREE SILHOUETTES! I begin this year in a state of high excitement. We have started filming “Silhouette Secrets” in earnest.  This is my first foray into the world of film (apart from occasional TV appearances: Blue Peter, Tales of Tools, Big Brother’s Big Mouth etc.) I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience. The film is a 50-minute ‘indie’ TV

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Silhouette Secrets logo

Will anybody fund a silhouette documentary film?

WHEN I FIRST DISCOVERED the art of silhouette it seemed like a tiny corner in the world of art, unloved by the fine-art establishment. Back then, the thought of a silhouette documentary was hard to imagine. Today, I’m amazed by the journey which silhouette has led me on. Silhouette found me as an unknown artist – working

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