History of Silhouettes

Articles about silhouette history and a wide range of historical silhouettists whose work interests Charles or has influenced him for one reason or another.

Portrait and caricature silhouettes by Inger Eidem

Portraits and Caricatures by Inger Eidem

I HEARD ABOUT Inger Eidem long before I knew her name. Whilst cutting silhouettes at events I’d occasionally meet people who’d tell me about silhouettes they had done in their childhood. Apparently the artist cut through two pieces of paper at the same time, one of which became a portrait and the other a caricature.

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Sarah Harrington hollow cuts

Sarah Harrington’s hollow-cuts

I RECENTLY CAME ACROSS the work of a talented silhouettist called Sarah Harrington.  She was a professional silhouettist who worked during the latter part of the eighteenth century.  What struck me about about her work (apart from her obvious love of hats) is that they’re all cut inside-out!

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