Does ‘One’ in Houston mean ‘Go’?

The silhouette cutting world record result

There seems to be a certain ambiguity over the silhouette speed cutting world record. The main item on our US agenda was a trip to Houston to meet the world’s fastest silhouette artist. Cindi Harwood Rose holds this record, which stands at 144 silhouettes cut in one hour. The film will end with me going to Houston to challenge it. There’s only one problem: nobody seems to know the result!

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Some very fast Germans

Speed-cutting preparation: a cup of Earl Grey tea and a biscuit

An interesting challenge was set recently by a client in Germany. He required each of 250 conference delegates to receive a silhouette – cut from their own corporate-blue paper – during a conference dinner.  My initial proposal (based on tried-and-tested advice to allow two minutes per person) was to book four artists.  He replied that he had the budget to book two, Mike and myself, on the understanding that everybody would receive a one-minute silhouette. Continue reading “Some very fast Germans”