Charles Burns: captured in a button?

Charles Burns in button with question mark

Page 7: The Roving Artist –> The Artists: Charles Burns

“Clarissa draws her scissars from the case
To draw the lines of poor Dan Jackson’s face;
One sloping cut made forehead, nose, and chin,
A nick produced a mouth, and made him grin”

Jonathan Swift

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2 comments on “Charles Burns: captured in a button?

  1. Grace Ann morrison says:

    Grace Ann Morrison here
    I have sent you step emails the last week of May. You
    should be getting my second
    letter soon. Does the name
    Lars Elkin USA mean anything to you?
    Grace Ann Morrison Houston, Texas 6-1-21

    • Lawrence “Lars” Elkin was a silhouettist from Idaho who began his career in Disneyland and then worked on his own after that. I had quite a lengthy correspondence with him in the 1990s, but I heard he passed away more recently. Sadly, I don’t have any of his silhouettes as we never managed to swap cuttings.

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