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Roving Artist Calendar

PLEASE use the Roving Artist calendar below to check the date of your event. The calendar is updated on a daily basis and shows all dates booked for Charles Burns and Michael Herbert.


  1. The calendar is updated on a daily basis.
  2. For confirmed bookings the calendar shows which artist is working, as well as the times and approximate location.
  3. It is sometimes possible for one artist to attend two events on the same day, if locations and times are a reasonable match.
  4. If both artists seem to be unavailable we may be able to find a suitable guest artist.
  5. If the date you are interested shows “enquiry pending” this means we have received another enquiry for that date. This is not yet confirmed, so we may still be available. Please contact us to find out more.
  6. If blank, you can assume the date is free. Do get in touch and book one of us for your event.
  7. If you are an event organiser or agent you can open the Roving Artist calendar and bookmark it. This will give you easy access to the latest availability information.
  8. The calendar does not include specific information about clients or events.

Partner bookers

You can also book us, and other entertainment, via the following. These sites include their own pages about us and feature reviews from their own customers:

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