Badges: a new take on an old art?

If you can manage to get an hour or two away from the office next week I recommend you make your way down to Old Billingsgate market to see our silhouette badges. The Square Meal ‘Venues and Events’ show is once again taking place. The silhouette-artist stand  is on the bridge, stand no M7. You may come away with your own silhouette in a badge.

Silhouette Badges

On our stand this year we will be showcasing our new silhouette badge machine, a new variation on an old art. At events, your guests can have their profile cut freehand with scissors and instantly encapsulated in a badge. The badge can include details of your event if you wish. The machine is versatile and can turn our silhouettes not just into badges but fridge magnets and mirrors as well. The badges may be fun at many occasions, although we see them primarily working at conferences and other promotional events.

Silhouette Badges

A line up of silhouette badges cut from life. Can you spot which is me? These will include the Venues and Events #hash tag at the event next week.

This week I’ll be back at Square Meal, together with my colleague Michael Herbert, offering our silhouettes to event organisers from all over the country. You’ll find us on the bridge, hope to see you there!

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9 comments on “Badges: a new take on an old art?

  1. Jill Storer says:

    Fabulous idea! I’ll definitely look for opportunities to try this!

  2. Peter Lang says:

    Love these. What a great idea. Is there a way to include the person’s name? Be a great way to break the ice at meetings… conferences… etc. Could be used instead of the entry badges.

  3. Annabel Mallia says:

    Brilliant idea!

  4. Cindi Harwood Rose says:

    What a great idea! This sounds super fun! I would love to have one of my silhouettes I cut made into a badge!

  5. Tim Ruscoe says:

    Love this idea. Would it be possible to slip a silhouette in to a watch face, see the one you love every time you check the time, you may only love yourself so a great gift for that person! We all know someone like that.

  6. I love these – what a great idea and such fun. I have a client who could supply you with some clear domes to go over the top and protect them if you are interested.

  7. John Hole says:

    How very good to hear from you and to see that you are still doing magnificent work and continuing to thrive. I do like the website so much – full of joy and skill

  8. marina says:

    I would love to make a stamp out of them and be able to even make a book ownership stamp, such as THIS BOOK BELONG TO THE LIBRARY OF…

    These badges are so versatile! thank you

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