Silhouettes of of a boy with a hat and his dog inside a red holly oval border

Cut during lockdown: silhouette cutting as a Christmas gift experience

HAVE YOU ALREADY MADE PLANS for Christmas? Or are you, like me, completely stuck? I’ve been thinking about silhouette cutting as an online ‘gift experience’ and holding onto the idea that silhouettes still make interesting and personal mementos of the unique times we’re all living through.

Charles in his Zoom studio

Is silhouette cutting safe?

IF YOU’RE ON my newsletter list I have a small favour to ask.

I’m currently planning a newsletter on “the socially-distant silhouettist”. It’s an important subject; many artists and entertainers are thinking how to provide their services in both a safe and entertaining manner.

For me, this is crucial in rebuilding a battered career!

Charles in his Zoom studio

Silhouettes at Online Conferences

OVER THE FIRST FEW WEEKS of lockdown Charles conducted a series of online experiments. He began by creating  a Facebook event and inviting friends to an evening of silhouettes cutting. This was followed by his blog post Can a Silhouettist work from home? The blog post led to a couple of short online corporate events.  In these Charles cut silhouettes for teams of online workers. They were all working from home and their team leader wanted to hold a relaxed social eventing to boost morale. 

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