Portraits of Rakugo

HERE’S AN ARTISTIC QUESTION: can I cut a portrait of storytelling in action? I don’t mean cutting a portrait of the story teller – I know I can do that – but somehow to capture the act of storytelling itself: the pace, mannerisms and energy of the storyteller?

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Man with cloth cap and question mark

How familiar are you with the silhouette?

If you’ve seen me cut a silhouette, you’re probably more familiar with this shadowy art than most. But how much do you really know about them? My question today is more about silhouette imagery, as used in advertisements, illustrations and popular art, than about the craft I practice. It’s the concept, or idea of a

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Edo period Kawagoe building

Typhoons and Silhouettes

MyJapanese mother in law was 96 years old when she passed away in the summer. She was fond of telling everybody that she was born in the same year as the Queen. I think it gave her a connection to her strange English son in law! Although my Japanese has always been quite basic –

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Cutting around a photo to make a silhouette

How can I make a silhouette myself?

I’m often asked if there’s an easy way to make a silhouette. If you have a mobile phone, yes there is! Here’s an easy project you can do at home during the holidays to make silhouettes of your family. Try it out with your children, parents, friends or siblings. I will show you how to

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