Mays Barn 2020 Studio Catalogue

MY 2020 STUDIO CATALOGUE has now been launched, featuring paintings and drawings from last year. For me, 2019 was an interesting year. It started with a much-needed and long-overdue studio clearout, in which I simply got rid of most of the unsold work from the last twenty years to so. This has made a massive

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Fifty Shades and a Square Meal

FOR THE LAST FEW WEEKS I’ve been toying with an idea for a new book. I’m thinking about a picture book, a “guess the silhouette” collection of cuttings. It’s the kind of book I hope somebody would love to receive in a Christmas stocking.

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Two en grisaille portraits

En Grisaille Portrait Silhouettes

I BEGAN PLAYING with an en grisaille portrait many years ago. At the time, I was experimenting with traditional techniques for adding gold details (known as embellishing) and began scribbling pencil notes on my white copies. I began to find these white copies more interesting than the finished silhouettes!

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Sarah Harrington hollow cuts

Sarah Harrington’s hollow-cuts

I RECENTLY CAME ACROSS the work of a talented silhouettist called Sarah Harrington.  She was a professional silhouettist who worked during the latter part of the eighteenth century.  What struck me about about her work (apart from her obvious love of hats) is that they’re all cut inside-out!

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Caversham Arts Trail: Once a year I become a cat

ONCE A YEAR I become a cat. Well, it’s an acronym, of course. CAT stands for Caversham Arts Trail, which is the annual open-studio event for artists based in Caversham. The Caversham Arts Trail takes place over the middle two weekends of May. As acronyms go, it’s a good one, and we seem have taken it to

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A Paper Anniversary silhouette

ONE YEAR ON falls the paper anniversary. A little over a year ago I was booked to attend a wedding at the Savoy, London. It was a wonderful event and I cut some memorable silhouettes, including a three-minute cutting of one of the most complicated hats I’ve ever seen.

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