Mark Conlin

Old Slowful?

SILHOUETTIST MARK CONLIN is an artist from the “old-slowful” tradition of hand cutting silhouettes. With a facile twist and a skilful manoeuvre of the scissors, he achieves extraordinary likenesses of his sitters which he knows they will treasure.

Artist Biography

Mark Conlin, silhouette artist
Mark Conlin

Mark cuts his silhouette portraits directly from black paper. They have a fresh and life-like quality about them. He keeps alive a style and technique which enlarges the scope and beauty of the old art of silhouette portraiture.

Mark was the Silhouette Artist at The Alnwick Garden by personal invitation from the Duchess of Northumberland. His artworks have been featured in Living etc. Magazine and on national television. He has built a solid reputation for producing beautifully romantic silhouette portraits and is now much in demand by exclusive wedding organisers.

Mark was recently commissioned by the Knightsbridge School in London to silhouette all the pupils and staff at the school. Over 400 exquisitely-detailed scissor-cut silhouette portraits were created as part of an exciting and successful fundraising project.

Mark lives with his family in Cambridge and is ideally placed for events in the Eastern region and London. He is also available for events in the North East (Northumberland area) which is where he comes from.

Bench scene, by Mark Conlin

Mark Conlin: artist statement

“Working as a silhouette artist has allowed me to build wonderful connections with other people. It has deepened my understanding of the importance of relationships. Much of my work is with company events to strengthen relationships or family events to celebrate relationships. It’s a privilege to work as an artist and to help connect people together.”

Silhouettes by Mark Conlin
Some silhouettes by Mark Conlin, cut while working with The Roving Artist

Paper cuttings

Wedding scene in silhouettes

As well as his “old-slowful” silhouette portraits Mark creates a wide range of beautifully crafted studio paper cuttings. These traditional genre scenes are collector’s items and highly sought after.

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