Mays Barn 2019 Studio Catalogue now out

I’m happy to announce that my studio catalogue for 2019 has now been launched. Click here to download your free copy!

2019 Catalogue cover

Click the cover to download your free copy

At the start of 2018 I went out and bought a set of twelve 40″ x 30″ canvases. I drew silhouettes on them all and set about painting them using an earlier series of small oil landscapes as source material. So far I finished seven of them and plan to finish the rest this year. These form the bulk of this year’s catalogue, which is the first Ive made for a number of years.

I hope to restart the publication of annual catalogues from this year onwards. 

Cover text

“Can a scissor-cut silhouette be called a portrait? Superficially, the answer would appear to be “Yes”. Yet, after years of cutting them, I still find myself fascinated by what is missing from a silhouette as much as what is included. Silhouettes are known as “shades” for a reason; there is literally nothing there, just the shadow remains. What happens when a drawing or painting is placed inside a silhouette? For me, it becomes a kind of window, a keyhole image into another world. I’ve been finding all kinds of things inside these internal landscapes.”

Charles Burns


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