Charles in his Zoom studio

Is silhouette cutting safe?

IF YOU’RE ON my newsletter list I have a small favour to ask.

I’m currently planning a newsletter on “the socially-distant silhouettist”. It’s an important subject; many artists and entertainers are thinking how to provide their services in both a safe and entertaining manner.

For me, this is crucial in rebuilding a battered career!

However, before I finalise and send it out, could you please click my “Roving Artist News” button?

This will help me enormously.

How does it help?

My button takes you to a page on my website where you can enter your best current email address and also tell me what interests you. Which of my various activities as a silhouettist do you really want to hear about? Essentially, I’m asking my email audience to segment itself.

Let me explain why…

Cutting a silhouette over Zoom with my portrait of Charles and Camilla on the wall behind (cut at a party in Windsor long before the current crisis unfolded)

Over the last few months I’ve more or less reinvented the art of being a silhouettist. I’ve taken it apart, looked at all the pieces, and put it back together in a different order. For me, it’s been an absorbing and fascinating way to spend the long months of lockdown.

What I’ve arrived at is a new business as a virtual silhouettist.As the events business begins the long process of restarting itself, I plan for my virtual business to sit alongside my more established business as an artist/entertainer. 

All this requires me to think carefully about email. So, if you want to receive monthly updates about my new virtual business, then you can. Conversely, if you’re only really interested in real-world events, you can tell me so. If you’d like me to send private-view invites for art gallery exhibitions (not that many are planned right now… ) then I will. If not, I won’t. There are a number of options.

And I included a “None of the Above” option for those who simply enjoy hearing from me every so often!

It all adds up to more relevant emails and less stuff which might not interest you.

Rainbow over my Mays Barn studio last week
from where I’ve been cutting virtual silhouettes
and sending them all over the world

Is Silhouette Cutting Safe?

Thinking about this month’s newsletter subject, what are your thoughts on this?

As events get going again, the question of which kinds of entertainment can be safely booked is going to be crucial for at least the next few months, possibly years.

In the current environment, would you consider silhouette cutting a naturally “safe” activity or not?

If not, which of the following would most concern you?

  1. The artist’s proximity to the person they’re cutting
  2. The wearing of masks (by the artist, subject or both)
  3. Physically giving away silhouettes on folded cards
  4. Something else I’ve not even thought about!

Please answer honestly in the comments below. I’ll think carefully about all concerns and will send out my September bulletin in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime please enjoy what’s left of this wonderful summer!

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Chris williams
Chris williams
3 years ago

Hi Charles, I think keeping a social distance, without face coverings, in a well ventilated area will work well. A busy enclosed space will require coverings. The use of Hand sanitiser will deal with the handling aspect of giving out the cards. I think you’re good to go assuming the whole event is ok!

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