Event Branding: Making Your Mark

Customised Silhouettes

AT MANY events it is enough just to book a silhouettist and simply allow the art to speak for itself. However there are a number of occasions when you might want to personalise the presentation, so that the silhouettes are forever linked to your event in the minds of your guests. This might be because you are organising a trade-show stand or product launch, where it is important to impart a particular marketing message, or else because the event is a very personal one, such as a wedding or significant birthday party.

Here are a few ideas which clients have asked for in the past. Feel free to come up with your own.

Branding the Backing Cards

Custom backing cards

The most obvious place to start is the printed backing cards on which the silhouettes are mounted. These can be printed with a corporate logo, and any kind of message you like, or the names - and possibly the silhouettes, cut during a Skype session - of a bride & groom for a wedding.

You will need to provide a copy of your logo and some wording a month or so before the event. There is an extra charge for layout and printing; if you would rather design and supply these cards yourself please ask for some samples to be sent so you can check the layout.

Wedding cards

Above: a set of cards printed for different corporate events. These cards are quite versatile and can be made to suit the theme of your event or venue, be it traditional or modern.

Right: a set of cards printed for weddings, which include silhouettes of the bride and groom cut in advance over Skype or during a face-to-face meeting.

Wedding cards

Left: these are the standard cards, bearing The Roving Artist logo, used at events when no branded cards are ordered. Use of these cards is included in the artist's fee.

Note the oversize and tall cards for mounting double and full-length silhouettes. The artist will usually keep a few of these with him at any event for mounting the odd non-standard silhouette.

It is also possible to work with plain-unbranded cards if the nature of the event calls for this.

Both standard and branded cards are printed on 250gsm laid white card - similar in texture to the background of this website - which gives an expensive and luxuriant feel to the silhouettes.

Branding the artist

Having branded the cards, you might like to think about branding the artist. Charles keeps a wardrobe of clothing for popular themed events: for instance a white James Bond jacket, regatta blazers, and a 1920's gangster suit. For more elaborate themes it may be a question of hiring a costume.

Branding the artists

Left: Charles cutting a set of full-length silhouettes at a costume event on the Pantilles in Royal Tunbridge Wells
Right: Charles and Mike in wonderful, but difficult-to-work-in costumes in 'Diagon Alley' at the launch of a Harry Potter DVD

If you are providing a costume - or branded clothing for a trade show or similar event - please make sure it has real pockets, as these are needed for carrying black paper and scissors!

Wedding cards

Branding the silhouettes

Surprisingly, the silhouettes themselves can be branded to fit the theme of your event. If the guests are in costume this will happen quite naturally, as the costumes will be visible in the silhouettes.

It is also possible to cut silhouettes from paper which reflects a corporate colour, or the theme of the event. Think chocolate-coloured silhouettes at a chocolate-themed party, or picking the exact deep blue from your corporate logo.