Oli Curtis

SILHOUETTE PROFILES, such as those cut by Oli Curtis, became popular in the Georgian period. Oli is one of a small band of artists keeping this decorative and beautiful art alive today. He is the newest and youngest artist to work with us as a Roving Artist.

Oli enjoys cutting silhouettes at corporate and community events. He also has a lovely interest in the history of the art and offers workshops and talks. He is mostly available for events in London but it willing to travel out of London when the occasion demands.

Oli Curtis – artist’s statement

“I’m a London-based Silhouette Artist and cut silhouette portraits from observation in as little as 90 seconds using simply paper and scissors. I have worked in the UK, the US, and the Caribbean at many high-profile events and locations. Events where I’ve worked include the Royal Academy Summer Show and the Star Wars, episode VII wrap party. I’ve worked at Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, The Gherkin, and The BT tower”

Silhouettes by Oli Curtis

A set of recent silhouettes by Oli Curtis, cut from life in about 3 minutes each at a community event.

Covering the wall

One of Oli’s specialities is to cover the wall with silhouettes of the guests. Everybody can play “guess the profile”. Hopefully they all find their own before the end of the evening (or at least the one they’d like to look like!).

A wall of silhouettes by Oli Curtis
A wall of silhouettes by Oli Curtis
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