EACH MONTH Charles runs three or four Zoom sessions at which you can book a short sitting to have your own silhouette cut. His Virtual Studio Days run at different times of day to suit clients in different time zones. After the event the silhouettes are delivered by post or airmail worldwide.

Virtual Studio Days

The next four virtual studio days and options to book sittings as a gift card for friends (opens the booking site)

During Lockdown in 2020 Charles was quick to take his work online, he found he really enjoyed the flexibility and freedom of cutting silhouettes over Zoom. Anybody, wherever they are in the world, can now book a short, inexpensive sitting to have their silhouettes cut out.

Cutting a silhouette over Zoom is not without challenges, but with preparation it can work really well. I love the way it takes me and my scissors into people’s homes all over the world”

Charles Burns

Hybrid events

You can use video conferencing to bring a silhouettist into any kind of hybrid event. There are two main ways to do this:

  1. Charles can appear from his studio via video link to cut silhouettes of people at an in-person event anywhere in the world
  2. Charles can attend your event in person and cut silhouettes of virtual delegates using your online platform

Cutting silhouettes over Zoom

Each silhouette takes three minutes, so in a 20-minute sitting Charles can cut a family of 4 or 5 quite easily

A collection of costume silhouettes cut in the virtual studio

Virtual Studio Development

The virtual studio began as a way to pivot the business online during the first lockdown. Charles quickly became fascinated by Zoom and began cutting silhouettes of people all over the world, first at online parties and later in his own virtual space.

Charles calls this way of working “virtual street art”.

This series of articles show the development of the virtual studio and explore the possibilities of online working.

Cutting a silhouette over Zoom

Can a silhouettist work from home?

I’VE BEEN ASKING MYSELF whether I could work from home. As Coronavirus spreads its way around the world it seems everybody is doing it. Could a silhouettist work this way too? …
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The Time Travelling Silhouettist

THE TIME-TRAVELLING silhouettist sounds like a character from a steam-punk extravaganza. I’d love to imagine I could be that man! Sadly, none of us can really travel in time. Yet …
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Map of the world divided into time zones

Time Machine Now Live!

DID I MENTION that I was building a time machine? Well, I’m delighted to report that my silhouette time machine is now live and active, and that you can use it @silhouettist The concept …
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Charles in his Zoom studio

Silhouettes at Online Conferences

OVER THE FIRST FEW WEEKS of lockdown Charles conducted a series of online experiments. He began by creating  a Facebook event and inviting friends to an evening of silhouettes cutting. …
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Charles holding a silhouette to th camera on Zoom

A Silhouettist’s Idea of an April Fool?

AN APRIL FOOL INVITATION for event organisers to experience a ten-minute sitting in my virtual silhouette studio. It’s me who’s the April Fool! Have you ever posed for a portrait over Zoom? …
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