Sarah Goddard

SARAH GODDARD began cutting silhouettes in 2000. She discovered this rare art whilst working at an art gallery in Henley-on-Thames, where she first met Charles.

Artist Biography

Photo of Sarah Goddard inside a silhouette of herself
Sarah Goddard with her scissors

There were only a handful of silhouette artists in the country then, and no structured courses to learn the art. Sarah was lucky enough to meet and form friendships with two of the UK’s leading silhouette artists. Today she belongs to the American Guild of Paper Cutters and is well established in the field.

Sarah Goddard has an extensive background in many types of art. She obtained a degree in illustration at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. Her main specialty has always been portraiture. The art of silhouette cutting really appealed to her and she soon came to realise her natural aptitude. She produces her true-to-life profiles using a pair of scissors rather than drawing.

Sarah lives in Reading with her partner and two children.

Sarah Goddard: artist’s statement

“I’m one of only a handful of silhouetists in the country. I’ve been fortunate enough to be performing this rare art form at prestige events and parties across the country, and abroad, for over 10 years. This has allowed me to cut silhouette portraits of many famous and interesting people, including film stars and Royalty.

One of the first questions I always get asked is:

What is a silhouette artist and what’s involved in silhouette cutting?

Well, silhouettes are a rare art form, traditionally associated with the Georgian and Edwardian eras. Silhouette cutting involves the artist making a silhouette portrait in a matter of seconds, using nothing more than a pair of scissors and some black paper. No drawing, photography, or second chances. Once I start cutting there is no turning back!”

A set of silhouettes by Sarah Goddard

Some of Sarah’s silhouettes, cut while working with The Roving Artist

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