Charles cutting a silhouette live on stage

TED Talk: The Eighteenth-Century Selfie

In November 2022 I was invited to give a short talk about my work at a TEDx meeting in Arendal, on the south coast of Norway.

The video of my talk has just been released and have great pleasure in sharing it here (time: 15 mins approx)

Cutting a silhouette and speaking about silhouettes

In the days before photography silhouettes were the only kind of self-image which mots people ever saw. For this reason silhouettes were once extremely popular!

In this talk I demonstrate how to cut a silhouette before going on the explore this popularity in relation to the fascinating, but now discredited pseudo-science of physiognomy.

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James Butler
James Butler
10 months ago

That’s amazing Charles! It’s over ten years since you cut silhouettes of my party guests, and I’ve known you longer, but it still blows my mind every time I see you appear so nonchalant yet execute perfectly the cutting of a profile. A brilliant TED talk!

Andrew Krajewski
Andrew Krajewski
10 months ago

I thoroughly enjoyed your very engaging and informative talk. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and skill always enthralls me. An excellent talk. Well done and I look forward to your next production.

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