Corporate events and a silhouette artist

Corporate events

WHETHER it’s a royal birthday at the Ritz Hotel in London, or a family-fun day in a lorry park in Basildon, a silhouette artist will be perfectly at home. Charles Burns has worked at both these events and many others. He finds that people from all walks of life love to receive their own silhouettes, and to see those of their colleagues taking shape.

Dinners and receptions

A silhouette at a Corporate drinks reception

This lady looks very pleased with her silhouette, cut at a corporate christmas party

The tools of the silhouette artist are very simple: a pocketful of black paper and a pair of surgical scissors. These are easily portable. Silhouette cutting blends seamlessly into almost any kind of event.

The silhouette artist will work on the move, mixing with your guests at a drinks reception or circulating around the tables during meal.

Each silhouette takes just a minute or two, so one artist can cover a lot of people in an evening. For larger events (200+) it is possible to book a second artist.

For very large events (500+) why not book a team of silhouettists to cover all the tables?

Charles is always happy to talk about your event, or to demonstrate by cutting a silhouette or two. This can be easily done over a video link, such as Skype.


White tie event silhouette

A silhouette cut at a white-tie event. Charles was very pleased with the tie!

Silhouette cutting works well at:

  • Award dinners
  • Client entertainment events 
  • Company Christmas parties
  • Product launches
  • Family fun days
  • and many others……


In June 2012, Hello! Magazine published a series of photographs, showing Charles Burns cutting a silhouette of the Queen. The event was the Queen’s 80th birthday party, and the venue was the Ritz in London. 

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Conferences and trade shows

Booking a silhouette artist is a great way to attract delegates to your stand at a conference or trade show.

Charles Burns on a conference stand

Charles working on a in-stand silhouette booth, at a conference for Vits Technologies

Delegates who walk past your stand without giving it a second glance are a common problem at conferences. A silhouette artist can provide a creative solution.

Before long delegates will be coming to your stand to have their silhouettes cut. We find a one-minute pose is just long enough for your representatives to engage them in conversation. At the end of the pose you can continue the conversation, getting to know the delegate better. Or else, if appropriate, you can simply let them go on their way, holding a silhouette with your details on it.

People often keep their silhouettes for years. They will never forget your company!


Trade show silhouettes

Booking a silhouettist is a great way to bring delegates to your stand at a conference

How to use a silhouette artist at a conference

For smaller stands the artist will work on the move, cutting silhouettes on and around your stand. For larger stands, where space allows, we recommend building a silhouette booth into the stand itself. This will provide a focal point for delegates, as they begin to come looking for the silhouette artist.


Woman with party hat and question mark

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