Charles holding a silhouette to th camera on Zoom

A Silhouettist’s Idea of an April Fool?

AN APRIL FOOL INVITATION for event organisers to experience a ten-minute sitting in my virtual silhouette studio.

It’s me who’s the April Fool!

Have you ever posed for a portrait over Zoom? If not, now could be your chance!

I’m feeling in a bit of an April fool mood, so this morning invited all event organisers I know to do just that. I asked them to go to my new website and book a FREE ten-minute sitting.

If you received this invitation please choose a date from any of those on offer, then choose a time and checkout using the temporary coupon code: [sorry, see newsletter invite for this] which will reduce the cost to zero.

book your sitting here

Why am I doing this?

Charles Burns, April fool, in his Zoom studio
I’m waiting to welcome you into my virtual studio

Well, possibly because I’m a silly April fool. However, it would also be great to see you. As we all finally begin to exit lockdown I’m aware that I’ve hardly spoken to many event professionals and so am feeling a bit out of the loop.

This is my own online event showcase!

During a ten-minute conversation I can cut either two cameo-style silhouettes (so feel free to bring a partner) or one in full length. I’ll cut them over Zoom while we chat and pop them in the post afterwards.

I want to show you what I’ve been up to for the last year or so. It’s been quite a journey and I’m feeling quite proud of myself.


I built the @silhouettist website myself in response to the sudden lack of corporate events last year. My initial idea was to set up a virtual street-art silhouette stall, not unlike my appearances in Covent Garden many years ago, except that it would all take place online.

The result has been a series of three or four virtual events each month. Visitors buy tickets for their turn to get silhouettes cut, just as they would in Covent Garden. The booking process happens largely automatically, which is a good thing as it’d be total chaos if I had t do it! All I need to do is turn up and cut the silhouettes.

What does the future hold for an online silhouettist?

So what will happen as lockdown comes to end? This suddenly feels like a big question and is the real reason for today’s invitation.

You see, I’m secretly rather enjoying all this online stuff. I can’t pretend it made up for all the lost events last year, but it brought other benefits. I found myself cutting silhouettes for clients in America, India and Australia. During 2020 I cut more dogs than in the previous twenty years, and then there’s all those historical costume events.

Five Regency April fool silhouettes
A selection of 2020 silhouettes.
My abiding memory of 2020 is all the silhouettes which look like they could just as easily have been cut out in 1820!

I’m loving the artistic and cultural variety.

So, keen as I am to get back to a few “real” events, I don’t really want this new online work to end. I find myself reluctant to simply switch it off and go back to being a roving artist.

A silhouettist’s dilemma

This is my current dilemma and the reason for my April fool’s day invitation. You’ve probably seen me cut a silhouette, but you may not have seen me cut a silhouette over Zoom. You almost certainly haven’t experienced my online street-art style booking system!

I’d love your input on how to take this forward. So please enter my studio, have a silhouette to two cut out, and let’s find a way to take to this forward.

please book here

Don’t delay, if you have a coupon it won’t remain active for long!

Charles at his computer in a large old barn with photography lights
Backstage view of the virtual silhouette studio
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