Charles in his Zoom studio

Silhouettes at Online Conferences

OVER THE FIRST FEW WEEKS of lockdown Charles conducted a series of online experiments. He began by creating  a Facebook event and inviting friends to an evening of silhouettes cutting. This was followed by his blog post Can a Silhouettist work from home? The blog post led to a couple of short online corporate events.  In these Charles cut silhouettes for teams of online workers. They were all working from home and their team leader wanted to hold a relaxed social eventing to boost morale. 

A social gathering on Zoom
We’re all becoming familiar with this kind of social environment, but can you spot the one posing for a silhouette?

It turned into the highlight of the day. These things need an element of fun in there – having the silhouette cutting was inspired and really made the day

Graham, MD

The corporate events led to a variety of requests to cut more more people online. So far, Charles has tried cutting silhouettes on Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Insta-Live and WebEx. The best of these by far is Zoom, as it allows him to “pin” each participant to his screen irrespective of whether they are speaking or not. On some platforms the person posing needs to keep talking, since every time they stop the spotlighted video moves to somebody else! This is just one of the many technical challenges involved in working this way. For Charles, Zoom silhouettes are the way forward!

Online media appearances

Charles recently made an appearance on Twitch, cutting a number of silhouettes (including James Acaster) on Stuart Goldsmiths “Infinite Sofa”. Stuart, like Charles, began he career as a Covent-Garden street artist. 

“This was probably one of my most chaotic media appearances ever!”

You can watch the whole program here if you wish, but it is quite long. Charles appears quite early and then cuts James’ silhouette right at the end.

Man with bottle and question mark coming out

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