Some wedding silhouettes

Weddings & silhouettes: made for Each Other

SILHOUETTES and weddings seem made for each other. There is something about the romance and nostalgia of silhouettes which just works at a wedding. Many of your guests will have their silhouettes cut as couples, gazing into each other’s eyes (or sometimes back to back… )

Wedding silhouettes
Full-length wedding silhouettes of the bride and groom, cut freehand by Charles during the reception then left on display for the reminder of the day.


A double silhouette held aloft
A face-to-face double silhouette, cut during a reception at Caswell House

Wedding silhouettes: what to expect

The artist will usually begin cutting silhouettes during the reception, and then continue around the tables during the wedding breakfast. The cuttings will provide a buzz of interest and an opportunity for members of both families (who may not have met before) to get to know each other.

While the photographer is posing a series of formal shots the silhouettist will continue working with other guests. Before long many of the guests will be coming up to you saying:

“Look what I’ve had done!”

The best time to get your own wedding silhouettes cut is usually as the guests are taking their seats, just before you make your entrance. Charles will cut a pair of full-length silhouettes, there and then, so they can be displayed during the meal. These will make a great talking point for the remainder of the day.

During the meal the artist will go around the tables to see who else would like a silhouette. Whether or not all the guests take one home does depend on numbers (although for larger events you can always book a second artist.)

Some people prefer to book a silhouettist for the evening party, as they may have extra guests arriving after the meal.

There are a range of extras which works particularly well at weddings. Details are on the Branding page.


Peter and Charlotte
An artist’s print, made by scanning the white off cuts kept by Charles at a wedding. Many of the guests have been cut as face-to-face couples.

Silhouette Art Prints

The most popular extra we offer for weddings is an edition of art giclée prints of all the silhouettes cut on the day.

A natural by-product of cutting a silhouette is the white off-cut, or negative copy. Traditionally these are kept by silhouettists in much the same way that photographers keep their negatives. They can be scanned and arranged to create a record of all your guests, complete with a caption. You will have a lot of fun picking out familiar faces and working out who is who.

Prints can be made of any event, but they are particularly popular for weddings. They are available in either A2 or A3 sizes. You will receive a set of prints in an edition of three (one for yourselves and a copy each for your parents) signed by the artist and ready to frame.

Most people order them beforehand, but they can be ordered after the event. Charles keeps the negative silhouettes as a matter of course. If you booked him for an event years ago and would like him to search the archives you can order a print from our online shop.


Wedding cake silhouettes

Last year we noticed a number of couples adding their silhouettes to the wedding cakes. What a great idea to have your profiles on the cake, rather than a generic Mr-and-Mrs silhouette!  This is easily arranged when you meet Charles to discuss the wedding, using a video-link service such as Skype or FaceTime.

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The bride's silhouette
Charles will always make time to cut a full-length silhouette of the bride at the event (photo Sabina Kinghorn)



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