Silhouette backing cards for weddings

SILHOUETTE CARDS can be branded with a corporate logo and a short message. Or, for weddings, we can add your own names and silhouettes to the cards. You can choose from three kinds of cards: standard, branded and bespoke cards.

Silhouette backing cards

Our branded silhouette backing cards are our most recommended option for both corporate and private events. We especially recommend them for client entertainment events, and also for weddings. We use our standard cards as a design template, to keep them simple and inexpensive to make. You will need to supply a copy of your logo, and/or some short wording for us to add to the card. We will send a proof before printing so you can check for any errors or omissions.

Wedding branded cards
A range of backing cards designed for weddings
This card, for a wedding at Leighton House, included my silhouette of the venue on the cover
Some older wedding cards with silhouettes and a caption on the cover
This card was designed to match an elaborate laser-cut invitation card

Standard cards

Our standard backing cards are the cards we provide free of charge at all events. They feature the Roving Artist logo on the front and a short history of silhouettes on the back. They come in a range of sizes to suit the different kinds of silhouette the the artist can make.

Standard silhouette backing cards
Standard silhouette backing card in a range of different sizes

These are the cards I’ll use if you don’t opt for branded cards. They are just as good in every way, but without the personal details on them. I’ll have a few of the odd sizes on me anyway, to accommodate any strange requests on the day which won’t fit the branded cards.

Samples of all these cards can be supplied by post or email. Please ask.

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