Charles cuts a silhouette online

What are Zoom silhouettes?

SOON AFTER the start of the Coronavirus lockdown all our “real world” events were cancelled. Since then, Charles has been cutting his silhouettes online, especially at Zoom parties.

 For many years Charles has cut the odd silhouettes over Skype, mostly during consultations for potential new clients, but the current crisis has given this way of working working a new impetus.

Can silhouette cutting really work online?

Most people don’t realise that silhouette cutting can work online.

Strangely, Zoom provides an almost perfect environment for cutting silhouettes. Charles simply asks the guests to turn in profile and cut them out. Afterwards he supplies a scan of all the silhouettes, for sharing on social media, before posing all the original silhouettes to the client.

Seven zoom silhouettes
A group of friends self-isolating in London, Amsterdam & Scotland cut together on Zoom. You can watch how they all react in the video clips below.

At the event, Charles will introduce his art and pick one of your guests as a model. After cutting their hold the silhouette up to the screen to everybody can see it. 

Friends on Zoom

Here are a series of short videos from a recent Zoom party. They show a group of friends self-isolating in London, Scotland and Amsterdam. These clips show the experience on offer. These friends got together on Zoom to catch up with each others’ news and have their silhouettes cut at the same time. Here are five clips which we posted on YouTube recently:



A silhouettist on YouTube (and a favour to ask…)

Another lockdown project has become the revitalisation of our flagging YouTube channel. We badly need to get our subscriber levels up!

These videos are the first of a number of videos we are planning over the next few weeks. Please show your support in these difficult times by visiting and subscribing to the Silhouettist YouTube channel.

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Running a Zoom Silhouette Party

If you like the idea of holding your own silhouette party on Zoom please get in touch. It’s an entertaining way to pass an evening with friends or family. We’re making it very affordable right now, charging a simple flat rate per person.

To keep the rates low we will ask you to act as the “organiser”.

Notes for organisers

We will set up the Zoom event, but it will be your role to invite everybody and make sure they know when and how to join the event. 

If you are planning to split the cost of the event with others, we will ask that you collect any necessary funds and send it to us as one sum. We will agree with you a reasonable cost per person (based on numbers) in any currency you wish. You can then send funds using Paypal, bank transfer or other service. 

We welcome enquires from anybody wishing to organise such events on a commercial basis and are happy to discuss commission. 

After the event Charles will share a scan of all the silhouettes with you which you can share with everybody at the event and send out on social media (if you wish) . We will then post all the original silhouette cuttings to you, each mounted on a card, so you can sort them out and send them on to everybody at the event. 

James Acaster & Duck