Portrait silhouettes from Mays Barn Studio

Charles’ Silhouette Studio

COMING FROM a fine-art background, Charles’ studio has always been central to his work as a silhouettist. Mays Barn is his physical studio at his home in Berkshire. It’s the setting for a huge variety of painting, drawing and silhouette research, and provides the opening scenes in the film Silhouette Secrets.

Once a year the Mays Barn Studio is opened to the public as part of the Caversham Arts Trail.


Dolls House Silhouettes

One of our favourite projects in Mastering Silhouettes is the set of 1/48 scale portrait silhouettes created for a doll’s house interior. You can commission your own silhouette, less then 1cm high!

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Painted silhouette with question mark

“Is it for sale? Ask me!”