Silhouette Secrets

Award Winning Documentary

Silhouette Secrets – trailer, 1′ 17″

I’M PLEASED TO PRESENT Silhouette Secrets. Sit back, relax and put the film on full screen. Allow me to take you on a journey deep into the past of my shadowy art: from Mays Barn, via Llandudno and New York to an Audi showroom in Texas. See what happened when I dared to challenge a world speed-cutting record!

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The Making of Silhouette Secrets

Making the film was an adventure, an example of my scissors taking me to place I’d never otherwise have gone. Naturally I wrote plenty about it as we went along, which you can read in this series of blog posts:

Jake's silhouette, how to cut a silhouette

First attempts at filming

I’M EXITED to report we’ve at last started filming Silhouette Secrets. We filmed this interview and “how to cut a silhouette” sequence in front of my wall of silhouette duplicate albums. It is unlikely to…

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Digital Selfie of Charles Burns

Digital Selfies

AS OUR INDIEGOGO campaign enters it’s final week I’m posting the promised update… and a request for a tweet! Tomorrow will be Silhouette Secrets’ Twitter day, and your chance to win a digital selfie. Silhouette Secrets’…

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Ural view of the Oxford Shark

The Oxford Shark

DURING FILMING of Silhouette Secrets in February 2014 we were unexpectedly let down by an interviewee in London. We found ourselves, camera crew in tow, with nothing to film on a beautiful winter morning. On a…

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Charles entering the Wayside Inn

Tales of a Wayside Inn Charles talks about an August Edouart silhouette AFTER VISITING HOUSTON the Silhouette Secrets film crew were invited to a lunch by SCONE. We met “Silhouette Cutters of New England” at the Wayside Inn, near…

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Arrest of an artist

Arrest of an Artist WHILE IN AMERICA last year, filming for the documentary ‘Silhouette Secrets’, we visited Philadelphia to study a 200-year-old automatic silhouette-making machine. On the way my mind lapsed and I found myself driving on the wrong…

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Silhouette Secrets Postcard

The Final Cut

THE FILM IS OUT! I seem to have spent most of my time this summer cooped up in the editing room with Andi, making the final cut of Silhouette Secrets. Silhouette Secrets is a one-hour documentary film in which…

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Winner: Best Documentary. NiFF Houston 2015

First festival successes

SILHOUETTE SECRETS seems off to a flying start. We took part in two film festivals towards the end of 2015 and have applied for many more this year. The first two festivals were the Marbella International Film Festival, where…

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Awards & Accolades

Silhouette Secrets surprised us with the number of festivals and awards it gathered in the first year after launching.

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