Mays Barn 2020 Studio Catalogue

MY 2020 STUDIO CATALOGUE has now been launched, featuring paintings and drawings from last year. For me, 2019 was an interesting year. It started with a much-needed and long-overdue studio clearout, in which I simply got rid of most of the unsold work from the last twenty years to so. This has made a massive difference , leaving with the feeling that I finally have space to work.

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I continued with my experiments to combine painting, drawing and silhouettes. It seems to be a new direction for me, and I can’t think why I didn’t do this years ago. Possibly because I was working on a book, then a film, and because the studio was full of “stuff”.

Cover text

“I’m happy to present a series of experiments into the attributes and form of a silhouette. I’ve been working woth silhouettes all my life, but have only recently began to realise that they are what I do, that they define who I am as an artist. Here are paper cuttings, oil paintings on canvas, ink studies on paper, drawings, sketches, photographs and digital collage. All the media I most enjoy used to make silhouettes, which seem to point in a new artistic direction. Each to be further explored and refined the new decade to come.”

Charles Burns

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