Megumi Biddle

Origami and Silhouettes

SILHOUETTE PORTRAITS were popular in the Regency era. Megumi Biddle is one of a handful of artists keeping this decorative and nostalgic art alive today.

Artist Biography

Megumi Biddle
Megumi Biddle

Megumi’s unique brand of paper magic enables her to produce extremely fine and detailed silhouettes. These are something of a rarity on the contemporary art scene.

Megumi has appeared on a number of TV programmes including The Generation Game, Blue Peter, Record Breakers and Handmade. She has had her own series on Channel 4: Fold-A-Sarus. Besides creating silhouettes, Megumi is a highly qualified origami artist and is a member of The British Origami Society. In Japan she is a member of The Nippon Origami Association and The Japan Society. Her origami skills have taken her across the world, performing in many European countries, Australia, the United States and Japan. They have also earned her an international craft award for her contribution to the world of paper art.

As well as her work in silhouette and origami Megumi works in a wide range of media from her studio on the south coast of England, from pencil drawings and pet portraits to her unique Japanese calligraphy written at events.

Megumi Biddle: artist statement

“A wedding is a very special event for the bride and groom, their family and good friends. Silhouettes make the occasion even more memorable by adding that very personal touch which comes from the work of loving hands. It’s not the spectacular but the small details – often handmade – which give a wedding its atmosphere and style, adding a touch of individuality to the time-honoured traditions of the celebration. The invitations, orders of service, and thank you notes can all benefit by including a hand-crafted silhouette of the happy couple.”

Megumi Biddle

Silhouettes by Megumi Biddle

A selection of Megumi’s silhouettes, cut at some of her many events around the country

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