Steve Abbott

SILHOUETTE PORTRAITS became popular in the Georgian period. Steve Abbott is one of a small band of artists keeping this decorative and beautiful art alive today.

As well as being a talented silhouette cutter, Steve Abbott collects old and unusual examples of the art. Unlike most silhouettists working today, he has a wealth of knowledge about silhouette history. He is fascinated by artists of the past and enjoys giving talks about their lives and work. He is a long-standing member of the Silhouette Collector’s Club.

Alongside his work as a silhouettist he is also an accomplished watercolour painter.He enjoys teaching these skills to others. Students report that he manages to fill his lessons with a passion and enthusiasm for art that makes it a delight to learn. Hearing him speak about silhouettes it’s easy to imagine why this is so.


Steve Abbott – artist’s statement

“Hi, I’m Steve Abbott and I live in Marple, near Stockport, in Cheshire. I am a retired Aircraft Design and Publications Engineer.

I’ve been demonstrating and lecturing on watercolour and drawing techniques for many years. I started painting in 1980, when I joined the Society of Marple Artists. The society is a group of friends who share their love of art to all. In the evenings, after shift work, we would draw and paint at the Quarry Bank Mill at Style, Cheshire.

One evening in 1984 I was approached by the director of the mill. He was organising an Edwardian fair and wanted a silhouette artist. I searched the North of England and found no one. So, for the day, I became a silhouette artist and painted profiles of visitors to the fair. By the end of the day I had been invited to do more at local school fairs and folk festivals. I then started my research into the shades of the past.

Shortly afterwards  I met Charles while be was cutting silhouettes in Covent Garden. We swapped silhouettes and have been firm friends ever since. I am now an active member of the Silhouette Collectors Club and am pleased to see the popularity of the art growing.”

Silhouettes by Steve Abbott

A set of recent silhouettes by Steve Abbott, cut from life in about 2-3 minutes each at a family party.

Silhouette Secrets

Steve Abbott was involved in the Silhouette Secrets projects. He was interviewed on Llandudno Pier about the an artist called Harry Oakley, who used to work there. During the interview he cut a silhouette of Charles. The process would have taken little over a minute, if Charles hadn’t insisted Steve include all his curls! The sequence would have ended up on the cutting-room floor, but  we revived it to make this little two-minute Silhouette Snippet video.

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