Taz Burns

A Family Tradition

AS THE DAUGHTER of a silhouettist Taz has been surrounded by the art of silhouette portraits all her life. She began cutting her own in 2011, while studying in Falmouth for a degree in English Literature. For a short time she was to be found on sunny Saturdays selling silhouettes in Falmouth’s market square.

Artist Biography

Taz Burns, silhouettist
Taz Burns

Today she splits her time between Japan and the UK while pursuing a career in Butoh dance, performance and festival production. Silhouette cutting remains an important and interesting part of her work.

To see more of Taz’ dance work please visit her main website at: maiburns.com

Taz made an appearance in the TV documentary “Silhouette Secrets” when she accompanied Charles to Houston to assist him during the world silhouette speed-cutting contest . Taz can cut a cameo silhouette in about 2 minutes and her experience with performance informs all her work. Taz will present herself at your event in great style.

What clients say about Taz

My sister organised Taz for our wedding as a surprise to us and we couldn’t possibly explain how our jaws dropped at how absolutely brilliant she was…

Wedding in Ireland, October 2023

Six silhouettes by Taz

Taz Burns: artist statement

“As a performer, my biggest thrill in life is to be onstage and engage directly with individuals in an audience. And it is an engagement, there is no thrill in acting for an unresponsive audience. I find that cutting silhouettes has a similar thrill. For me, silhouette cutting is a performing art. It is as much watching the artist work as the end product which people seem to find fascinating. Being able to engage a group of people watching with the same intensity and to receive a response from them (especially when it’s a good one!) is what makes silhouette cutting an art I have grown to relish.”

Taz Burns, 2018

Silhouettes by Taz Burns

A set of silhouettes by Taz Burns, cut from life in about 2-3 minutes each at a christmas party in the Science Museum.

Taz Burns in profile
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