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Digital Selfies

AS OUR INDIEGOGO campaign enters it’s final week I’m posting the promised update… and a request for a tweet! Tomorrow will be Silhouette Secrets’ Twitter day, and your chance to win a digital selfie.

Silhouette Secrets’ Twitter Day

Crowd-funded projects gain more visibility the more people mention them online within a certain timeframe. Therefore I’ve been writing to everybody I know and asking them to send a tweet at lunchtime, sometime around 1pm UK time, on Thursday 20th February. I’m told the more noise we can make in a short space of time the better our campaign will perform! The best tweets will win a digital selfie silhouette.

If you can’t manage tweets, a mention on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other networking platform will have the same effect. The important thing is that it should be tomorrow, and that it should contain the following link:

You can write whatever you like in your tweet. Comments such as:
“No chance – this guy simply doesn’t know when to give up”
are just as effective as:
“Take a look at the skill of this man with the magical scissors”
“Who would have thought that shadows actually have a history?”

My own favourites are:
“Let’s get this shady silhouette character out of the shadows”
or (conversely):
“We’re doing our best to keep him in the shadows where he belongs”

“Whoever heard of a digital silhouette?”


The crowd-funding campaign video for Silhouette Secrets

The Digital Selfie

Be creative! I’ll be looking out for your tweets and have a few silhouette gift vouchers to send to authors of the most imaginative comments. To claim your digital selfie you will need to send a profile photograph. And if you really get the bug there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one tweet – feel free to tweet away!

The outcome is important (for me at any rate) filming is now underway, a challenge has been laid and the date is set. I am to challenge the world silhouette speed-cutting record, in Houston, Texas, on 25th March 2014 – just over a month away. Your tweets will help me get there!

Man with beard and feathered top hat
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8 years ago

You are is impressive! However…would you cut a silhouette of a mucus that one person can have in her/his nose??? Weird question… I know…. Thank you Rovin!!!

kind regards

Ian Moyse
8 years ago

Great Idea – for someone with a high Social profile in my industry sector (with awards such as top 10 UK Linkedin Power Profile) having something different to help you stand out is pretty cool – I may just go and scan my silhouette you did at my wedding now having seen this idea !!

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