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The Book is Launched!

MY NEW BOOK, Mastering Silhouettes, was launched last month with a small party at the London Sketch Club.  We were fortunate enough to be sponsored by Hendricks Gin, after I worked at their “umbrella emporium” party last year. They supplied the drink, so it was a small but tasty party.  Thank you Hendricks! 

The London Sketch Club provided the ideal venue, with its frieze of life-size silhouettes of past members stretching back to Victorian days. Drinks were served from the Sketcher’s Arms. It was a real treat for those who attended, and I think everybody there went away with a signed copy of the book. I also got my scissors out and cut a few silhouettes as well (how could I not?)

My publisher says enough of the ‘right kind’ of people attended to make it a success.  It looks like Mastering Silhouettes will be available in the souvenir shop at the National Portrait Gallery, as well as in Waterstones. There are vague rumours of a French translation.

Mastering Silhouettes back cover
Back cover of Mastering Silhouettes, click to read text

Mastering Silhouettes

The book has been published in two editions. The cover above left is the UK edition, published by Fil Rouge Press, while the cover on the right is the US edition, published by Stackpole Books. Inside is mostly the same, apart from minor differences in spelling. If you’re the kind of person who likes reading the backs of books you can read the cover by clicking the image here.

If you would like your own copy of Mastering Silhouettes you can order a signed copy direct from me at the slight-discount price of £15.00 + p&p.  You can get these from the Shop.  Otherwise those of you with an eye for economy might prefer to pick one up on Amazon at their usual knock-down rates.


Cut paper collage of Peter Pan with a violin
silhouette collage
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8 years ago

Wonderful book for both amateurs and professionals… I purchased a copy more than 1 year ago and I consider it as the best practical book on the subject. Even somebody who has no experience would be able to realise lovely pieces with the step by step explanations. Working as a professional silhouette artist in a Disney Resort, it gave me some great tips to refine the quality of my work and expand my knowledge. Besides the insights about the classic “black shades”, there are also great examples of more unusual miniature portraits such as bronzed and colored silhouettes, collages, painting on glass, etruscan silhouettes and so on which gives plenty of creative ideas. I specially like how you make a connection with the works of artists from the past centuries… It gives many great references to look at. In a future expanded version, how about showing more silhouettes describing landscapes, or complex compositions like we can see in some german scherenschnitte ? Then you would maybe talk about Paul Konewka, one of my personal heroes !

Josh King
8 years ago

I have always been in awe of Charles’s unique talent. He makes something so intricate and complex look simple. It is quite simply magic.

I cannot wait to read Mastering Silhouettes!

Lauren Jennings
8 years ago
Reply to  Josh King

Would you like to order a book?

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