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I MANAGED to FINISH the book! Lots of free silhouettes are going out in the post.  “Mastering Silhouettes”, full of silhouette ideas, is coming out in February and is available now for advance ordering on Amazon.


Mastering Silhouettes

I currently have just a single advance copy, but I will be getting my own private stash, so if you would rather order a signed copy direct from me you will be able to do so in the new year.  After such an unbelievable amount of work I’m really pleased with the finished article and look forward to sharing it with you.

If you’re one of those who took part in my “Free portraits and other silhouette ideas” scheme earlier in the year, please rest assured I haven’t forgotten you.  I know it’s been a long time, look out for your silhouettes in an envelope coming your way before xmas.


Free portraits and other silhouette ideas

Looking back, the silhouette-ideas project was a great success. I was bombarded with nearly 100 photographs from various people, all happy to be in the book. Far more than I needed! Those who ended up in the book will the receive the original artwork for that illustration. Those who didn’t will receive a simple black scissor cutting. 

Here are a couple of the silhouette ideas illustrations. These relied on clients and friends sending me their profiles:

Altering the likeness to obtain a likeness
A line drawing, based on a real profile, showing how to alter a photographic profile to bring out the likeness and make a pleasing silhouette. The pencil line is traced directly from the sitter’s photograph while the red line is the artist’s interpretation.
Slash cutting demonstration
A black-paper silhouette, mounted on laid white card, showing various “slash cutting” techniques. These can be used to add a third dimension to a silhouette.


Man-with-cap silhouette
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