Sending thank you cards with your own silhouettes

SENDING A THANK YOU to all who attended your wedding is a lovely tradition. How about sending your own silhouettes, created on the day, to everybody as a memento of your special day?

Our thank-you cards are made after event, using cuttings made on the day. They are most popular for weddings, although can of course work for any private event.

Making your thank-you cards

Towards the end of your wedding reception, shortly before the guests take their seats, I’ll find time to cut your silhouettes in full length. As always, I’ll keep a white copy for my archives. At the end of the day these will be scanned and added to front of the card.

We’ll agree the layout before the wedding (without your silhouettes) and send them to print the day afterwards. This means they’ll be will be with you just a week or so later, in good time to send thank-you notes to all your guests.

Silhouette thank-you cards
Silhouette thank-you card: printed after the event using silhouettes cut on the day. These can be made quickly and arrive complete with envelopes for posting to your guests.

The front of these cards can feature any key silhouettes from your event. The inside is left blank for you to write our own message. They arrive complete with matching envelopes in whatever quantity you need to send a note to everybody (usually one per couple or family group who attended).


Please enquire about thank you cards when booking me for your event. We’ll post a sample card made for a previous event to look at and make an initial layout for you. This will be finalised after the event when the silhouettes are added.

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