My Deluxe Wedding Package

WHEN WORKING as a wedding artist I aim to provide a deluxe, boutique service. There are many ways to present silhouettes at events, but I recommend this wedding package which includes all the extras I feel work best at weddings and which people most often ask for.

All couples welcome here

The Deluxe Wedding Package includes:

  1. Free silhouettes cut during your initial consultation
  2. Myself as your wedding artist cutting silhouettes of your guests
  3. Silhouettes mounted on a specially designed cards
  4. Full length silhouettes cut of the two of you on the day
  5. A set of fine art prints featuring all silhouettes cut on the day
Cutting a silhouette of a bride on her wedding day is always a heart-stopping moment…

1. Showcase Silhouettes 

I love meeting prospective wedding clients and showcasing what I do. These days this usually happens over Zoom, although I welcome visits to my Caversham studio. During the meeting I’ll cut your silhouettes, to give you an idea how the process works, and pop them in the post for you.

These silhouettes are yours to keep whether or not you decide to book me for your wedding. You can use them on your wedding stationary, or simply frame and hang them in the downstairs loo!

Various couples cut during initial consultations
Silhouettes of couples cut during initial consultations

2. A wedding artist

If you do book me I’ll attend your wedding, scissors in hand. I usually attend for about 3 hours (for instance, during the reception and wedding breakfast), cutting silhouettes of your guests. Some clients prefer to book him during the evening party. However you choose to do this, our timings are very flexible and will fit around whatever schedule you are planning.

Wedding Artist Charles Burns in action
Silhouette cutting is fun! Charles in action as your wedding artist

3. Branded backing cards

These are essential for weddings, so we include them in the price. We will design and print a silhouette mounting card which includes your names and the date of the wedding. These are the cards your guests receive with their silhouettes, so you can include any kind of message you like. We often include your own silhouettes on the cover, cut during the initial consultation.

Wedding branded cards
A collection of branded backing cards created for different weddings

4. Full-Length silhouettes of the bride and groom

Charles will cut full-length silhouettes of the two of you right there at the event, for all your guests to enjoy. He is currently the only wedding artist in the UK who can cut these live at the event.

You will need to allow five minutes in your schedule for this to happen. We find the best time is often as the guests are taking their seats for the meal, just before you make your grand entrance. These silhouettes will be placed on the top table for you, ready to be passed around the room. 

5. A set of art prints of all the silhouettes.

Our piece de resistance is this set of fine art prints. Charles will scan and rearrange all the white off cuts to create these prints on fine watercolour paper. We will supply one larger A2 print for yourselves and two smaller A3 prints for each your parents (these quantities can be altered if needed) each signed and editioned by the artist. Your own silhouettes are placed near the top, or at the centre, with your guests arranged around. During composition we send proofs by email so you can tell us who goes with who and where!

A set of fine art prints created after booking Charles as a wedding artist
A set of fine art prints will arrive soon after the wedding. Cup of tea not included!

How much does the wedding package cost?

To quote a fee we need to know when and where the wedding will be. Please get in touch and let us know. We’ll then check Charles’ availability and let you know the cost. There is no obligation to make a booking. 

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